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Description of Functioning: This is a mechanically actuated Diaphragm Pump. The Diaphragm is Directly Connected to the reciprocating part through a Heavy Duty Spring return Mechanism.

It is equipped with a Unique & Simple Stepless Stroke adjustment Mechanism Making it the most Easy to operate & Maintain.

As the Diaphragm is Tightly Sealed between two Solid parts, Practically No Seals are required Making this Pump a SEALLESS & ZERO LEAKAGE PUMP.

The composite diaphragm consists of a Metal core With PTFE Faced on the liquid contact Side. It is reinforced by vulcanized chemical & Temperature resistant EPDM material, Strengthened with Nylon webbing ensuring better life, Sufficient flexibility & High Strength. SR make Diaphragm are Suitable to operate at High Pressures for a prolonged period due to its Upgraded Design. Our Special Study of Stress Concentration & Rigorous Endurance Tests have really Helped us in enhancing the Diaphragm Life.


  • For Dosing Highly Corrosive Chemicals
  • Hazardous Liquids
  • Suitable for applications where Zero Leakage is required

Key Design Features

  • 1
    Flow range from 0.5 liters/hr to 940 liters/h (Single Pump Head), for different models & pressure of maximum 6 Kg./Sq.cm.
  • 2
    Completely leak free diaphragm pumps.
  • 3
    Steady state metering accuracy of + 3%, of pump output, at single setting of stroke from 10% - 100% (Turn down ratio 10:1).
  • 4
    Reproducibility (Repeatability) better than + - 3% of set point.
  • 5
    Suitable to handle most corrosive fluids.
  • 6
    Teflon diaphragm supported by a steel core & reinforced by vulcanized chemical & temperature resistant EPDM material, strengthened with Nylon webbing ensuring better life & flexibility.
  • 7
    Plunger directly connected to diaphragm to create reciprocating motion.
  • 8
    Unlimited dry running capability.
  • 9
    Compact & requires less space; Easy to operate & Maintain.

Standard Models

Sr. No. Pump Model Capacity
Max (Kg./Sq.Cm)
1. SMD 1143 150 3.5
2. SMD 8143 315 3.5
3. SMD 1200 550 3.5
4. SMD 8200 1090 3.5

Liquid Contact Materials (Wetted Parts)

Diaphragm pump applications

* Pump Design & Performance generally conforms international standard of API 675 *