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We are the leading manufacturer of chemical dosing pumps,  chemical dosing pumps, triple-headed dosing pumps, electronic dosing pumps, biocide mill sanitation dosing pumps, and chlorine dosing pumps from Nashik, India.

A chemical dosing system is a device that automatically injects reagents into a wastewater system to control septicity and odor emissions. Pump stations, sewer manholes, and rising mains are common locations for these systems. They can, however, be deployed in any location where smell control is required.

SR Metering is the best dosing system manufacturer in India, with over 25+ years of experience.

S.R. Metering Pumps & Systems designs and manufactures custom-made, complete skid-mounted chemical dosing systems to meet customers’ demands. A specialized staff of skilled and certified engineers with a deep understanding of design standards is committed solely to producing the same.

Some of the standards dosing systems are