Optimal service begins prior to your purchase and covers the entire product life cycle.

Our products are designed to offer you maximum service life and usability, that is important to us. Therefore, we provide an all-round service, which minimizes your effort and costs.

Our sales and service department is geared to the typical service requirements of our customers, although special solutions are also possible in individual cases. As a matter of fact, we comply with technical standards and legal regulations. This is the reason why we are extensively certified as a company and also at product level. Comprehensive application know‑how and many years of experience in various industries and application fields enable us to understand and meet your requirements.


  • In addition to our first-class products, we offer a first-class maintenance and repair service which is done by our experienced in-house employees. We check your pump on a regular basis preventively, thus ensuring a longer life, lower arising operational costs and an increasing operational safety. Let us take care of your SR product!
  • To ensure this, we offer – among other options – service contracts tailored to our customers’ specific requirements. The overhauling of your pump at SR or on-site always will consider the ideal cost-performance ratio. We carry out maintenance with highest accuracy following the quality guidelines for new pumps. A very careful diagnostic inspection is followed by a binding proposal to assure optimum transparency of the costs.
  • This focus allows SR to create closer relationships with customers and dramatically increase support, resulting in customer success. Through training and support, SR can reduce unplanned downtime and increase plant efficiency.


  • On-Site-Service
    If required, our service technicians will come to your company premises – for installation, acceptance, troubleshooting and error correction.
  • Instruction & Training
    To ensure reliable operation and proper handling of our products as well as gas analysis systems, we offer customer-specific instruction and training. Trainers with many years of practical experience impart not only the basics but also in-depth knowledge to individuals or groups at our training center in Ratingen. Our practice oriented product training courses with valuable tips for operational use are a great advantage and can also be tailored to the customer’s needs.
  • Commissioning
    Acceptance tests, functional checks and commissioning of your new gas analysis systems are carried out exclusively by competent technical experts. The scope of services also includes, for example, arranging the required logistics as well as creating and complying with schedules.
  • Maintenance
    If necessary, we carry out maintenance on the products and systems we supply so that malfunctions and failures that might result in operational breakdowns can be avoided.
  • Complaints, Repairs and Replacement & Loan Devices
    Our in-house service department carries out product tests and repairs on ‘SR’ equipment, if necessary. In this respect, too, we cooperate closely with you in a coordinated manner in order to find the most satisfactory, cost effective and swift solutions for you. With the completed RMA document, you can return products to us in a much uncomplicated way after consulting our customer service. If possible, we will gladly provide you with replacement devices for the duration of the repair, if required. In case you are planning for instance a change of devices, it is also possible to provide a loan device for testing in your process.
  • Calibration
    To ensure that all technical standards and legal regulations are fully complied with, the devices used must be re calibrated, especially after the occurrence of malfunctions or failures. ‘SR’ also offers appropriate services in this area.


  • How does a diaphragm metering pump actually work? How does one mount a drive unit? What should you consider when maintaining a SR odorizing system? The better the user is informed and trained the more effective pumps and plants can be used. Therefore SR offers different, specialized seminars. First-hand expert knowledge is transferred to our customers in our ambitious customer training program. Sign up now for the next courses!
  • The Standard Training Program is a four-day session covering the whole range of products. We can also offer on-site training at your facility or specialized training to meet your requirements.


  • Before the commissioning of your pump or system, we develop a logistics concept for pump spare parts. Thus, we enable a fast worldwide delivery even of rare spare parts. In this way, you will save time and money incurred by production downtime.


  • SR high quality original parts
  •  Expert consultation with spare part suggestions
  • Delivery of many spare parts in less than 24 hours
  • Rare spare parts are available

SR Metering is the best dosing system manufacturer in India, with over 25+ years of experience.

S.R. Metering Pumps & Systems designs and manufactures custom-made, complete skid-mounted chemical dosing systems to meet customers’ demands. A specialized staff of skilled and certified engineers with a deep understanding of design standards is committed solely to producing the same.

Some of the standards dosing systems are