Chemical Injection System / Skid

Chemical injection pacakages appliable to boiler feed water treatment,boiler water treatment, circulating water treatment,raw water pretreatement, sewage treatment and petroleum chemical industry.

Ammonia injection System / Skid

Hydrazine Injection System / Skid

Phosphate injection Dosing system / Skid / Package

Pharmaceutical Industry

SR Metering ensures that all of the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry’s pumping needs are satisfied by maintaining the highest levels of sanitation. SR Metering can handle thick pastes and liquids with a high viscosity.

Dosing pumps are two-piston pumps with excellent accuracy for use in the chemical and pharmaceutical sectors, as well as research and technique development. Aqueous and organic liquids, aggressive media, and liquid gases are all pumped and dosed by these machines. In a wide range of applications, the metering pumps impress with their great chemical resistance, outstanding flow rate precision, and low pulsation of the pumped medium.

Cosmetics Industry

SR Metering specializes in customizing the materials used in pump construction. SR Metering is a favored choice for a multitude of cosmetics applications due to its ability to provide accurate metering and continuous flow. These characteristics make SR Metering dependable for preparing precise product combinations, as well as providing excellent operational safety, low maintenance, and low lifecycle cost. 

In the cosmetic and body care industries, we provide the best pumps and systems. Our products are suitable for transporting, measuring, and processing. Batch and continuous metering are also considered, as well as blended procedures. The application areas include creams, liquid makeup, and lotion. 

Chemical Industry

SR Metering is proud of its ability to tailor pump materials and provide solutions that are perfect for handling liquids with varying degrees of viscosity and lubrication. Our pumps can also be modified to withstand harsh chemicals at high temperatures. This distinguishes us as a trusted source of pumping solutions for a wide range of chemical and pharmaceutical applications.

Chemical Dosing Pumps are membrane pumps with a high suction lift capability. Chemical Dosing Pumps are built specifically to provide free flow performance in high capacity and high-pressure circumstances. The application areas include acids, alum, biocide, aluminum chloride, chlorine, dyes, detergents, and many more.

Mining Industry

The primary source of all the metals we use for daily life is the Earth’s crust. The process of removing desired minerals and metals from the earth’s crust is known as mining.

From early discovery to development to commercial production, the extraction of metals from the ground entails a succession of difficult and capital-intensive stages that can take up to ten years or more.

Pumping challenges in the mining industry include solid and semisolid waste disposal, ore transfer from mines, smelting, and refining. SR Metering Pumps were first employed in a wide range of mining applications. Thus, SR Metering Pumps’ expertise in a wide range of mining applications is based on more than half a century of supplying dependable pumping solutions for essential mining applications such as face dewatering, stage dewatering, emulsion matrix, cement & slurry transfer, and general-purpose applications.

We consider industry standards, as well as your requirements and situations while building our solutions. SR Metering is used to working with a wide range of pressures and flows, hermetically sealed systems, high-efficiency design, and rigorous safety. With our pumps and systems, we provide a safe tool for ore extraction, treatment, and finishing. The application areas include in the mining industry are cement grout, high-pressure wash, oily water transfer, and many more. 

Food Industry

Pumping solutions for the food and beverage industry are expected to handle a wide range of applications, from thick pastes to very viscous liquids and shear-sensitive media, while still maintaining the highest standards of cleanliness and safety. All metallic parts in touch with the media being handled in Food Grade Pumps are made of smooth-finish stainless steel.

These pumps have a metal-bonded aseptic food-grade elastomeric stator that is oil and fat-resistant. Roto Pumps are easy to clean and maintain and are designed to maintain absolute hygiene.

Dosing pumps are widely used in the food industry. The ability of these pumps to dose fluids with particles with a high level of accuracy at high flow rates is highly valued by convenience food and pastry manufacturing operations. Dairy products, sugar, and carbohydrates, as well as meat, fish, and animal feed, can all be handled with them.

Dosing pumps are integrated into dosing or filling systems for food applications. These are designed to eliminate waste by utilizing inline injection, which is extremely efficient. Dosing pumps can handle a wide range of delicate fluids with solids (up to 48 mm), making them useful in a variety of industries.

SR Metering is the best pump manufacturers in India, with over 25+ years of experience.

We provide various pump accessories for dosing systems, chemical metering pumps, diaphragm pumps, and plunger pumps. For more information on pump accessories.