Product Consultation

Our technical experts provide you with swift, competent support and constantly keeping an eye on costs. You will always receive the technically most suitable and most economical suggestion for your inquiry.

Project Planning

Particularly experienced ‘SR’ technicians and engineers design your dosing system in collaboration with you – even for very specific tasks. Your goals and the resulting requirements are taken into account as well as your individual process environment and issues of cost‑effectiveness. For many years, we have proven that we are able to accomplish this successfully.


For every dosing pump or dosing system designed and manufactured by ‘SR’ , you will obtain comprehensive specific documentation from us – in a clearly arranged form that enables you to access detailed information quickly.

Original Spare Parts

We will be pleased to advise you on the procurement and stocking of spare parts as needed or appropriate. If you are uncertain, e.g. about the type of device you are using, we will be happy to clarify the actual situation and arrange the delivery of the original ‘SR’ spare part actually required.


Customer Service:-Our products are designed to offer you maximum service life and usability that is important to us. Therefore, we provide an all-round service, which minimizes your effort and costs.

Our sales and service department is geared to the typical service requirements of our customers, although special solutions are also possible in individual cases. As a matter of fact, we comply with technical standards and legal regulations. This is the reason why we are extensively certified as a company and also at product level. Comprehensive application know how and many years of experience in various industries and application fields enable us to understand and meet your requirements

SR Metering is the best dosing system manufacturer in India, with over 25+ years of experience.

S.R. Metering Pumps & Systems designs and manufactures custom-made, complete skid-mounted chemical dosing systems to meet customers’ demands. A specialized staff of skilled and certified engineers with a deep understanding of design standards is committed solely to producing the same.

Some of the standards dosing systems are