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Description of Functioning: This is a Hydraulically Flexed Diaphragm Pump. The Plunger is moving in a closed sealed Hydraulic chamber. On the other side of Plunger a Diaphragm is Hermitically Sealed between two metal parts. The reciprocating movement of Plunger causes movement of Diaphragm.

Suction Stroke: When The Plunger moves backwards the Diaphragm also moves Backwards Creating Vacuum & Discharge Valve is closed & Suction Valve Opens allowing liquid to enter into the chamber.

Discharge Stroke: When the plunger moves Forwards the Diaphragm moves forward creating Pressure & suction Valve is close & Dischsrge Valve opens discharging Fluid in the outlet Pipe.

As the Diaphragm is Tightly Sealed between two Solid parts, Practically No Seals are required Making this Pump a SEAL LESS & ZERO LEAKAGE PUMP.

The Hydraulic force acts evenly upon Diaphragm these Pumps have capability of Delivering against High pressures above 200 Kg./Cm.2g.

Inbuilt Safety Relief Valve, in Hydraulic chamber, to Safeguards the Pump from overpressure is Standard future.

Hermetically tight SR Make Diaphragm pumps do not require any Seals as the Diaphragm is Tightly Sealed between two Solid parts. There is no possibility of Emissions outside.

As Special feature is available where Diaphragm Failure / rupture can be detected by Visual indication Using Pressure Gauge. Optionally an electrical alarm Signal of Diaphragm Failure / Rupture can also be provided by using Pressure Switch / Pressure Transmitter.


  • For Dosing Highly Corrosive Chemicals hazardous Liquids
  • Suitable for applications where Zero Leakage is required.
  • High pressures Chemical Dosing upto 180 Kg./Cm.2

Key Design Features

  • 1
    SR make HD type Diaphragm glandless pumps, with hermitically sealed Diaphragm allow leak free operation.
  • 2
    Flow rates of 0.5 liters/hr to 9400 liters/hr & High discharge pressures of 160 Kg/sq. cm. can be achieved.
  • 3
    Steady State metering accuracy of + - 1 % of pump output, at single setting of stroke from 10% - 100% (Turn down ratio 10:1).
  • 4
    Reproducibility (Repeatability) better than +/- 2.5 % of set point.
  • 5
    Inbuilt Pressure Relief & vacuum valve on the hydraulic side to safeguard system.
  • 6
    Double diaphragm with rupture indication also available.
  • 7
    Easily handles viscous fluids. They are compatible with most of fluids.
  • 8
    Simplex and Multiplex arrangements of pumps available for universal use.
  • 9
    Unlimited dry running capability.
  • 10
    Heating or cooling jackets for liquid head is also available.

Standard Models

Sr. No. Pump Model Capacity
Max (Kg./Sq.Cm)
Sr. No. Pump Model Capacity
Max (Kg./Sq.Cm)
1. HDSL 10 152 74
2. HDSL 20 761 91
3. HDSL 35 1300 91

Liquid Contract Materials ( Wetted Parts )

Diaphragm pump applications

* Pump Design & Performance generally conforms international standard of API 675 *